Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker products..


So I’m wondering why its taken me up until now to try out Soap and Glory’s makeup range?! I’m seriously impressed, I have very sensitive skin and have a lot of allergies so I have to be really careful with what makeup products I put on my face, I have had zero problems with the soap and glory products I’ve just got! So I had a mini makeup spree in boots the other day before work, I went in for a new mascara and came out with more products than I intended to buy (don’t we all?) but I’m happy with the result and got some freebies! Firstly I picked up the Loreal baby roll mascara.. I’ve heard a lot of hype about it but I wouldn’t give it any awards, yes it holds a good curl and it’s a good price but I found it very wet and thin so I didn’t get a good volume from one coat. I’m tempted to layer it with another mascara, does anyone have any recommendations? Now onto the exciting bit, in the picture I’ve attached there’s a mini set called ‘Glamp it up’ would you believe I got this for free?! I finally bit the bullet and wanted to try the sexy mother pucker lipgloss so I picked out the XXL pillow plump one for £10 because there’s no point in doing this by halves if I’m going to try a plumping gloss! Then my eyes were drawn to the coloured sexy motherpucker glosses and I knew I needed to add ‘Papa don’t peach’ £9 to my new budding collection which I must say is very sticky but smells just as divine as it looks on the lips. Just as I was heading to the tills I saw a different soap and glory stand with the ‘Glamp it up’ kits and a sign that said these were free when you spent £14 or more on S&G makeup, so I snapped mine up and off I went to pay. In this kit you get a nude coloured sexy motherpucker plumping lipstick, the ‘supercat’ felt liner and a pinky/peach highlighter! The lipstick needs it’s own picture, IMG_1386  Sexy mother pucker plumping lipstick in all it’s glory (pun intended). Im officially a soap and glory convert! This lipstick layered under papa don’t peach is a match made in heaven and YES they do plump your lips. on the back of the XXL pillow plump clear gloss it says 3X volume now I’m not sure I’ve seen a difference that dramatic but they definitely do give you a fuller looking pout so I am fully impressed with these products. A quick shout out to the highlighter, it’s no ABH glow kit and it won’t be blinding anyone when the sun hits your cheek bones BUT it is the cutest pinky colour with a very natural look so for every day use and work wear I am impressed, it’s my new daily go to!

What do other people think of Soap and Glory products?


Marmite/Vegemite and goats cheese on crumpets?!


Okay so hear me out on this one it’s not just a crazy pregnancy craving I promise!

My 21st birthday has recently been and gone and when my mum asked me if there is anything specific I would like for my birthday breakfast I really wanted goats cheese and marmite on crumpets. I’ve only ever had this once before as it’s pretty unusual but the flavour combination is a winner! If you like marmite and goats cheese I urge you to try this and you can thank me later, who doesn’t love a good crumpet? Food has become such a huge part of my life since being pregnant, I have always loved my food but now it seems to be all I think about.. hopefully I can blame the pregnancy. One of my cravings has been pickled hot chilli’s, what cravings have other people had?

It’s A BOY!!

I found out on Friday that I’m having a baby boy and I couldn’t be happier. Obviously the only thing you’re really looking for at that 20 week scan is to be told your baby is growing well and is all happy and healthy, but if you decide you want to find out the gender of your little one it really is the cherry on top of the cake when you get told at the end of your scan! The radiographer announced she was very sure I would be having a boy and a wave of happiness came over me, I was so excited because there really isn’t a lot of boys in my family. On my mums side it’s a sea of girls, I have one male cousin who has just had a baby boy then after him it’s me to have the next boy! My dad is absolutely over the moon he’s getting a grandson but I honestly don’t have the first clue what to do with little boys, luckily I have some friends who are having/have had boys so I should be able to get some good advice from them as I really don’t know where to start!

I bought my first newborn boy items yesterday which included little blue booties and a check shirt style onesie, too cute! I’ve not got a lot of baby shops where I live, there isn’t even a mother care here anymore. Where’s the best place to pick up baby basics?

So.. Where did all my friends go?

Loneliness has probably been one of my biggest struggles through my pregnancy so far. So I’m a bar manager in a smallish town where everyone in the industry knows each other and that basically is your friendship group as you find anyone not in the industry just doesn’t understand that your weekends are normally on a Tuesday/Wednesday rather than Friday/Saturday so you find yourself grouping with the people who work the same days and shift patterns as you. However those people -as real as they seem at the time- are not friends but are just in fact drinking buddies of convenience as I found out the hard way when I announced my pregnancy to the people I thought were my friends and got dropped like a tonne of bricks. I don’t think a single one of them has spoken to me in months, because I am no longer able to go out drinking until the early hours I am no longer interesting, or convenient to them. I wonder if they feel guilty? It was very difficult at first because my ex boyfriend wormed his way into the group which I felt was to make sure I would be isolated and they were happy to have him as a replacement for me, I felt like I had done something wrong by being pregnant, I felt abandoned.

Just as I was starting to pick up a little bit and accept these people weren’t friends that i’d lost more people from my past or school started coming back into my life, these people were real and genuinely wanted to spend time with me because they liked me rather than everything having to be fuelled by alcohol. Things just started getting better and better from there and I’m now in a really positive place with a handful of true friends, but I would much rather have found out about the fake friends early on than introduce them into my child’s life to have them disappoint us both.

Does anyone else find that you lose friends when finding out you’re pregnant?

Yikes!! I’m pregnant?!


So the title gives away what my first blog post is about and why I wanted to start a blog in the first place, because pregnancy can be lonely and come as quite the surprise! I’m 21 and working full time as a bar manager, pretty sarcastic and obsessed with all things beauty related.

I’m currently 20+3 weeks pregnant. I think until my first scan at 12 weeks it didn’t quite seem real that I’d actually be having a baby, I was unhappy in my relationship and a lot of thoughts were screaming at me inside my head that having a child was the opposite of what I should be doing with my life right now, never the less I never questioned keeping it or not. I’m so lucky to have such supportive family who have made me feel so positive, I ended my relationship with the baby’s father not long after finding out I was pregnant and many struggles have come along with that however I have always been a firm believer in following your gut feeling to do what’s right.

So that was quite a dull paragraph to start off with! I want to write this blog to document my journey and reach out as I have no idea what this pregnancy has in store for me and I’m sure it will be a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs that I’d love to share.